Hi, I’m Ryan Bergman.  You might remember me from such roles as “Giant Eagle Pharmacist #3.”  I’m an actor, you see.  


My story begins a long time ago (somewhere between 16 – 35 years ago, depending on the role) in a little village called Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I attended school in Pine-Richland and did all the things that you’d expect from an acting origin story: theatre classes, school musicals, band, choir.  I’ve always had a passion for expression and storytelling.  

My love for storytelling is not just limited to the stage, however.  In fact, I studied filmmaking at Penn State, where I received my BA in Film/Video production.  I do plenty of freelance filming/editing – web advertising, online classes, training videos, etc.  If you ever have a film project that you’d like help getting off the ground, click on the “Contact” button at the top and let me know!

But that’s not what this website is about.  

I’m telling you why I belong in front of the camera, not behind it.  So let me finish my story, please.  Anyway, Penn State was wonderful and that is where I really fell in love with performing on the stage.  It’s also where I got my first taste of fight choreography, which I’ve been pursuing ever since.  I’ve performed and choreographed fights for several shows, from musicals to Shakespeare, with various weapon disciplines including Broadsword, Smallsword, Rapier/Dagger, Unarmed, as well as less common weapons like Axes or Cutlasses.  

(Shameless plug for my Etsy art store - MostlyHarmlessArt!)

When I’m not acting, I can usually be found on the hockey rink.  Ok, that’s a pretty loose interpretation of the word “usually.”  I can usually be found at home watching Star Trek: The Next Generation for the 100th time on Netflix.  

What I’m trying to say is that I have a life outside the theatre, ok?  I love playing hockey, baseball, rollerblading, fishing, painting… sorry, this is starting to sound like Tinder.  If you want a glimpse into my personal life, I have all my social media links down at the bottom of the page.  What a great website this is!

I’m currently located back in my beloved hometown of Pittsburgh and loving the work I do with the myriad wonderful theatre companies in this town as well as the amazing Docherty Agency.  

I hope to see you at the theatre!  Let’s make some art!